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Monday, December 16th we will be having our 8th Annual Millard Rotary White Elephant Gift Exchange.  If you are not familiar of what a white elephant gift exchange is, here is a brief run down.

Participants will draw a number from a hat when you arrive to determine the gift choice order, starting with one, up to the total number of participants.  Each person takes a turn choosing a gift.  The first person picks a gift, opens it and shows it to the rest of the group.  Then the person that drew number two can either pick an unopened gift or “steal” a previously opened gift.  If the gift was “stolen,” the person who had their gift taken from them gets to choose another gift and then the turn passes to the next number.  The gift exchange continues until all gifts have been opened.  The person that drew number 1 also gets to go last.


Here are a couple of simple house rules:  Please bring a wrapped gift with a value of no more than $20 to participate.  A gift cannot be “stolen” more than two times.


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The following members earned perfect attendance for 2018-2019:
Dave Bruce - 15 years
Bob Cannella - 21 years
Tammy Coleman - 2 years
Dave Endress - 12 years
Adrian Enzastiga - 6 years
Ann Glinski - 1 year
Ben Hoy - 2 years
Virgil Johnson - 35 years
Puja Kandel - 2 years
Gregg Mitchell - 1 year
Forrest Newburg - 3 years
Henry Nipper - 32 years
Ralph Palmer - 27 years
Julia Petersen - 4 years
Jack Ramaekers - 5 years
Chuck Sederstrom, III - 17 years
Leigh Sittenauer - 11 years
Patrick Sittenauer - 2 years
Bonnie Skartvedt - 30 years
Amanda Sudbeck - 1 year
Tom Wilkinson - 3 years
Brian Zahm - 17 years
Mark Zumdohme - 1 year
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Paul Harris Awards were distributed on April 15th.
Congratulations to our members receiving thier awards!
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Strive for Perfect Attendance!  If you can't make our regular Monday meeting, here is a list of other Metro Area Weekly Meetings and Programs to make-up your time.
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